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J.D. MONSON has an amazing ability to write and compose songs. His signature song is “Rain Makes Corn”,  J.D. wrote it over 12 years ago, and to this day, it is still a fan favorite. 

J.D. is a Professional Songwriter as well, and was fortunate enough to have one of his songs placed on the hit TV series “Eleventh Hour” on CBS, 2009. Besides being a Professional Singer and Songwriter, J.D. is an awesome Guitarist, Entertainer, and extremely passionate about music.

J.D. is based in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area but has managed to moonlight as a musician on the side for over 20 years, playing venues all over the USA, Mexico and abroad.  He recently did a singing tour of the Baltic Sea and Germany in 2009, where he continues to sing and entertain people around the world.

He has done numerous television appearances (recently on "My Fair Wedding"  May 2010) and is often seen on the Johnnie High CMR Show, as well as, opened up for George Strait and Deryl Dodd.

J.D. Monson can be booked as a Solo Act with over 500 songs in his repertoire. His band “JD Monson Band” can be booked as a duo, 4 & (5 piece band w fiddle). J.D.’s band consists of musicians who have many years experience in show business.

J.D. will surprise you with his ability to perform favorites that you will absolutely love, with his strong, soulful, southern voice, (J.D. is well known for his authentic Johnny Cash impersonation).  

They are definitely a C&W Act, but do Texas Country, Classic Rock, & Original Music as well as, be a Variety Band and really keep a crowd entertained.  Each performance can be modified to your needs, whether you prefer background music, dance music, all country, more classic rock, Or even all Originals.  

J.D. has an amazing ability to write and compose songs.  Please listen to the words of his original songs and you will see the talent and passion he has for music, as well as some witty humor on there. There is something for everyone on his CD’s. All original songs are copywritten.

If you are a Jimmy Buffet Fan, you will like "Island Way", "Hanging on Padre", "Castaway", and "Kissing in the Gulf".

"Sacrifice" was written for fellow Officers that were killed in the line of duty. This one will give you goosebumps.

"A little girl smiles" is about a child in the hospital with cancer. You too will be touched when you listen.

There is something for everyone. CLICK on the MUSIC LINK to hear his original music, and CLICK on VIDEO LINK to listen to a live compilation of solo and band performances on Original Songs and Cover Tunes.

Click on the PHOTO LINK  to view performance shots, and please click on the CALENDAR LINK on this website for updated performances for the JD Monson Band as well as his solo act. 


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